Dokdo is Korean island

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Dokdo is Korean territory.

It is our nation's land, the land of our children.

Let us love and cherish our beautiful islets.

Prior to October 24, 2012, the U.S. version of the web search portal Google had shown a map of Dokdo islets along with the Korean address when the word "Dokdo" was searched.

However, as of October 25, 2012, Google has deleted the Korean address of the Dokdo islets from a map at

the request of Japan's Shimane Prefecture and constant pressure and lobby from Japanese government and

its rightwing groups.

In fact, a search for "Dokdo" on the international version of Google maps shows only the reference

"Liancourt Rocks" - an old maritime name for the islets.

Japan maintains a flimsy claim to Korea's easternmost islands, dating back to the colonial occupation.

Since the changes in Google map, now, Apple, Bing and Yahoo is getting creative with the names as well.

Google is violating Korea's sovereignty by replacing Dokdo to Liancourt Rocks and deleting the address from

the map.

Google claims that these changes were made to depict them in a neutral manner on the international dispute, but Google is simply reacting to the demands from Japan, which after all, is a much larger market for that

company than Korea is.

Let's work together to correct Google's mistake.

We ask the Google to bring Dokdo back to Google Maps as it is supposed to be.

Dokdo is not an uninhabited island.

It is an island where Korean residents live in under the guard of Dokdo coast guard.

Its territorial rights are indisputable, historically and geographically!

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